Support and Advice for Dealing with a Hungry Baby

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Hungry baby

If your baby seems constantly hungry and often wakes up crying for another feed, try these handy hints to help settle your baby:

  • Try to make sure your baby gets plenty of sleep. This can be easier said than done when your baby is constantly waking from hunger, but resolving any underlying sleeping problem is one of the most effective ways to promote a baby’s contentment.
  • Prevent your baby from falling asleep while feeding. Babies who fall asleep during a feed are much more likely to wake up later from hunger.
  • Slow feeding time down by giving your baby breaks during the feed.
  • Offer your baby a dummy to help them satisfy their sucking needs in between feeds.
  • Try giving your baby a little water. Although formula-fed babies usually receive enough fluids from their feeds (provided formula is prepared correctly), offering your baby an extra 30–60 mL of cooled, boiled water once or twice a day may help them settle.

Having your sleep disrupted from a constantly waking baby is physically and emotionally draining, and can be particularly stressful if you or your partner has to go into work the next day. Try the following if you’re feeling sleep-deprived to help you get through the day:

  • If you can, sleep during the day when your baby does.
  • Unplug or switch off your phone.
  • Take extra care of yourself with nourishing food, gentle exercise and as much rest as possible.
  • Take turns with your partner to look after your baby in the evening, to give you each a chance to rest.
  • Ask your family or partner to help around the house and don’t worry about anything that’s not essential.